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Player-Submitted Scenarios

From now on, you can:
  • create and publish your own Earth Reborn scenarios
  • play scenarios created by other players
  • vote on scenarios created by other players

Create and Publish your Own Scenario

Follow these steps:
  • Create your scenario's map using one of the following tools:

directly online
created by Thomas "Krazlafas" Levavasseur and Caroline Gauthier.

Note : the first time it is run, the tool has to spend a while loading all the images. After that, everything is fast and responsive.

free OpenSource Software, download separately
created by mzi aka go[ou]ki

  • Export the map as a graphics file (PNG for example)
  • Export the scenario file to pdf (preferrably)

Play and Vote on other Scenarios

  • Vote for these scenarios with the 5-star rating system