The Scenarios

Earth Reborn is played exclusively through scenarios.

The Tutorial System

The game includes a tutorial system consisting of nine 2-player scenarios which continue the story from where the background left off. Each scenario is rich, balanced, and has great replay value.

First, read the Core Rules common to all scenarios. Then put these rules into practice with the first scenario. Move on to the next set of rules and then to the second scenario, and so on to progressively unleash Earth Reborn’s full potential.

The rules are designed in a modular fashion: each scenario selectively puts new rules into play and allows you to practice with them before moving on to the next level.

Download the Official Rule Book & Scenario Book
 from the Downloads page

The Scenario Auto-Generating System

The Scenario Auto-Generating System (S.A.G.S.) is a game mode which allows players to generate different scenarios automatically by following specific rules. The scenarios produced are rich in details and border on role-play.

The S.A.G.S. can be played with 2 to 4 players. The 3/4 player system is a true competitive 3/4 player mode, not a system based on two camps and alliances.

New Official Scenarios:

3/4-Player Tutorial System

The new Official 3/4-Player Tutorial is now available! for those players who wish to learn the game directly in 3/4-Player mode.

Player-Submitted Scenarios

You can now create and publish your own scenarios for publication on this web site!

In addition to the S.A.G.S., Earth Reborn's modularity and richness lends itself well to the creation of custom scenarios, whether based on particularly memorable S.A.G.S. scenarios you may have played, or completely out of your imagination.