Interview sur Sci-Fi Universe

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Rencontre avec Christophe Boelinger
(filmé au Monde du Jeu)

Lots of Cool new Content and Features on the Earth Reborn site!

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  • Earth Reborn now has its own apocalyptic community! Share your experiences, your best stories, exchange ideas, discuss rules, scenarios, strategy, propose variants, custom rules, share your creations (files, player aids, etc.) with the community.
  • Oh, and by the way, Earth Reborn arrives in stores this week and next week in the US and Europe.

Earth Reborn, the watershed event of 2010

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Asmodee at Paris Fair

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Asmodee's report from the Paris Fair "Monde du Jeu".


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Boelinger sauce post-apo: 
All Chris Boelinger in a game is the challenge seems to have found the author of"Dungeon Twister" with "Earth Reborn" , a game coming out in September inLudically and Z-Man Games for the United States. To understand what may be in a game where there Boelinger all must know a fan of miniatures, Magic, comics, role play, etc.. Everything will be in "Earth Reborn" . 

Z-Man Talks About Earth Reborn

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Earth Reborn page on Z-Man Games' website.

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