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Earth Reborn:
Fantastic Miniatures for Passionate players

When we decided to publish Earth Reborn, we made the commitment to never sacrifice quality, theme, or creativity for the sake of costs, especially when it came to the miniatures : the incredible details, the design challenges, the fact that most of the models had to be assembled from multiple parts, the unrestricted postures that made the miniatures complex and challenging to produce...

We could have limited ourselves in many creative ways in order to produce less expensive miniatures. But we decided to ignore all the constraints, making the miniatures more expensive to manufacture, but allowing the characters their full range of expression within the context of the game's theme.

Another option would have been to provide the miniatures non-assembled on plastic sprues and force players to spend a lot of time assembling and glueing their miniatures. But we did not want to go down that path. The game had to be beautiful and immediately ready to play.

Prof. Kendall Jr.

We applied the same principles to the development of the hand-painted miniatures we are now offering.

In the field of pre-painted miniatures, the cost is directly proportional to the number of paint strokes, and so the more color and details you want on a miniature, the more individual paint strokes, and the higher the cost in the end. As a result, most of the pre-painted miniatures on the market are rather simplistic in their color scheme, with very few details, or many details painted over with the same color.

Sometimes, the manufacturer applies severe constraints on the original design of each miniature, knowing that that they want to produce pre-painted miniatures. They cover the faces and any material or object detail requiring too much painting work and cost overruns. To this day, the quality of pre-painted miniatures is therefore much lower than what can be accomplished by any miniature hobbyist with a little bit of experience.

Mammoth MK II

Franck Einstein

In the case of Earth Reborn's hand-painted miniatures, we abolished and ignored all this cost-related constraints. I only wished for one thing: that players have miniatures on their table that are at least as beautiful as the ones I play with.

Here is what we did:

I have three sets of miniatures that were painted by expert miniature-painting hobbyists and close game-hobbyist friends. One set was painted by Antoine Racano, sits in a windows display and was photographed professionally to show on the back of the Earth Reborn game box. The other two sets, which I use as my game-playing and demo sets, were painted respectively by Catherine Racano and Mc Gregus. These two people are expert painters who were passionate about the quality of the miniatures and produced two hand-painted sets of outstanding quality.

When the time came to provide the painting design to the studio that would produce the hand-painted miniatures, I selected the most beautiful painted miniatures out of these two sets, resulting in a mixed set of the most beautiful 12 miniatures out of the 24 miniatures masterpieces produced by Mc Gregus and Catherine Racano. I shipped the set to the studio with the requirement that the final production be of the same quality as the master set I sent them.

James Woo

Jack Saw

Our priority was therefore to obtain the best quality possible, ignoring any cost consideration. Much later, I received in the mail the master set I had shipped, as well as a painted set produced by the studio. We were at Essen 2011. And much to my surprise, I was completely incapable of telling which set was the original and which was the copy, even though I knew the miniatures very well! 

Our gamble was a success, I had in front of me a hand-painted set of a quality equivalent to what could be accomplished by an advanced hobbyist miniature painter: a level of quality that has never ever been approached in pre-painted miniatures!

This hand-painted miniature sets surpasses anything that has been done to date in terms of pre-painted miniatures. However, the resulting cost is high, so we will let you admire the 50 beautiful photographs on this page and decide for yourself whether the price is justified by the quality.

Nick Bolter

Orders are now closed.

The price in Europe is 149€ (VAT included) + 9€ shipping (for most European countries*, with tracking number). Contact us for other countries.


The price for North America is US$165 (no sales tax) + US$28 shipping (shipping from Europe, with tracking number). Contact us for other countries.


And now, we will let you admire the rest of the photographs:

Jessica Hollister

Jeff Deeler

Lt. Vasquez

Female Zombie

Male Zombie

Cherokee Bill

Orders are now closed.

The price in Europe is 149€ (VAT included) + 9€ shipping (for most European countries*, with tracking number). Contact us for other countries.


The price for North America is US$165 (no sales tax) + US$28 shipping (shipping from Europe, with tracking number). Contact us for other countries.


*Shipping is 9€ to the following countries (in alphabetical order):

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

Shipping to the following countries is:

14€: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway
19€: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia
26,50€: Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, Romania 

US$28: United States, Canada
US$38: Malaysia