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Lieutenant Vasquez

Faction: NORAD
Age: 25

Monica Vasquez was awarded a medal of honor at the early age of 17. During her military training, her target shooting scores shattered all previously held NORAD military records, regardless of gender. She is now NORAD’s elite sniper.

Her favorite sport is track. She systematically outruns her fellow soldiers in every competition.

Beyond her outstanding physical performance, Vasquez is also highly educated and particularly well versed in the fields of chemistry and medicine.

Her extraordinary observation skills and intuition make her an ideal scout in many situations.

She is naturally curious, quick on her feet, agile, yet able to move silently, and is often assigned to important missions by the NORAD high command.

In addition to this impressive resume, Vasquez soon discovers that her attractive physique will give her a significant advantage when dealing with some of the Salemites’ more prurient abominations.

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