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Professor John Kendall Jr.

Faction: Salemite
Type: Human
Age: 63

John Kendall is the most prominent of the Salemite scientists, and is a descendant of Jason F. Kendall, founder and first leader of Salem Underground.

Kendall holds the Office of President of the S.S.C. (Secret Scientific Community). He is recognized by the community as a master, not only in the occult sciences, but also in chemistry, biology, and surgery. His skills in electronics and cybernetics are also envied.

The professor is determined to push the limits of reanimation technology, at all costs, and regardless of the ethical consequences. He performs horrific experiments on the living as well as the dead, displaying unbound cruelty and a stunning lack of compassion. Kendall is in constant need of test subjects.

NORAD citizens have given him such nicknames as the Occult Butcher, or the Cybernetic Necromancer. In truth, they are fearful of his terrifying experiments and the hordes of zombies he creates around himself.

Kendall dreams of a world where he is in total control of a decimated planet populated only by zombies. With their help, he dreams of exterminating the last of the human survivors, and then reanimating them as zombies to better control them, a program indicative of his diseased mindset...

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