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Jack Saw

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Faction: Salemite
Type: Zombie
Age: 45 when Jack Sawyer died

Jack Saw is the reanimated cadaver of Jack Sawyer, deceased in 487 p.a., who was buried under rubble during the restoration of the old Salem city hall. The renovated building, now dedicated to Jason F. Kendall, is currently being used by the Salemite High Command.

Jack is reanimated within minutes of his death. His mind still has vague recollections of his old job and the physical tasks he used to perform. Jeff Deeler studies the reduced mental activity of the freshly reanimated body, and detects signs of violent tendencies, as well as a constant desire to work. He makes a proposal to the S.S.C. to leverage this excess of energy and hate by turning Jack Saw into a fighting and demolition machine. The S.S.C. approves the project and grafts onto Saw's brain an advanced, new model of a neuronic helmet. For his part, Jeff Deeler affixes a cybernetic arm equipped with a tempered steel circular saw to his body.

Jack Saw is born.

He is soon assigned to close combat missions: his rage and violence are devastating in direct contact. He is also given many physically exhausting tasks like demolishing walls, cutting wood, cutting doors out of existing walls, etc.

Saw's modifications prove so popular that a line of cybernetic saw-equipped zombies is created.

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