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Jessica Hollister

Faction: Salemite
Type: Human
Age: 33

Jessica Hollister is in charge of the security of Salem Underground. She is also the Salemites’ chief of police and military leader. She is known for her severity, viciousness, cruelty, and her passion for firearms. Her authority has never been challenged. Soldiers follow her orders unquestioningly, often for fear of reprisal at the mere suggestion of the slightest disagreement with her ideas.

Jessica is a fanatical daredevil who systematically rushes to the frontline to fight the enemy personally. She is equipped with numerous weapons and is loaded with ammunition. She favors firearms, but she can also handle a blade, and she does well in hand-to-hand combat.
Hollister is merciless and feared as much by her enemies as by her own troops. When she finds herself in need of stress relief, she enjoys abusing poor Cherokee Bill. She might regret it one day...

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