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Franck Einstein

Faction: Salemite
Type: Reconstructed Being
Age: around 500 years

Franck Einstein has been assembled over centuries from various body parts and organs extracted from deceased or, in some cases, live humans. His brain remains that of Franck Einz, a mechanic with an impressive body frame, who had died in 29 p.a.

Frank Einz has long been the preferred subject for all of S.S.C.’s key experiments and, due to limited resources, their only subject with artificial intelligence. He has been altered, operated on, and otherwise enhanced many times over. Today, he is a genetically and cybernetically-enhanced surgical jigsaw puzzle.

Franck has evolved over the centuries to become the ideal tool for surface exploration, with no risk to human lives. For more than 150 years, he has been sent on numerous surface missions from which he brings back vital information and artifacts rich in teachings for the S.S.C.

His stamina, his overwhelming fighting power in close combat, his intelligence, and his immunity to any ailments (he is already dead, after all) make him an exceptional asset in exploration and combat missions. He still participates today in many such missions.

Franck’s brain is linked directly to a neuronic helmet featuring the best artificial intelligence technology available. Thanks to this electronics marvel, his IQ is almost as high as that of Professor Kendall, although Franck remains under the firm control of Kendall, Deeler, and Hollister. That is the theory, anyway...

Might there be something left of Franck Einz’s original thoughts, impulses, feelings, soul? Unfortunately for them, the Salemites are about to find out...

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