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Colonel Nick Bolter

Faction: NORAD
Age: 42

Coming from a long lineage of generals, Nick Bolter is a natural-born leader. He is routinely assigned the leadership of very diverse commando missions, including reconnaissance missions to the most remote and unexplored locations.

Gifted with an unbreakable spirit and unparalleled charisma, he is a living symbol of bravery and strength, inspiring blind faith in his men. He, in turn, believes strongly in his men and makes it an absolute priority to ensure the survival of every member of his team.

In the last fifty years before NORAD’s planned resurfacing, scientists and biologists put in place an enhanced nutrition plan to prepare the future generations for survival in the outside world. They develop biologically-enhanced nutritional supplements to give to all children starting from birth. Nick Bolter was the first to receive this treatment and continued taking the treatment throughout his childhood. He grew much faster than other children, developing exceptional strength and stamina. At 15, he was already 6’ 3 and had the body of a 30-year-old bodybuilder.

Colonel Bolter is not only in outstanding physical shape, he is also a weapons specialist, familiar with all types of weaponry, and is often bristling with weapons and equipment on his missions.

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