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Earth is Reborn

In 2065, the Earth is devastated by a global war, leaving the planet surface contaminated and uninhabitable. The political tensions and environmental collapse of the early 21st century, having never been resolved, led the world to an Apocalypse and forced the surviving populations to relocate to vast underground cities.
These ‘factions’ live in isolation for nearly five centuries, evolving independently and with no outside contact.  There, each develops the culture and knowledge they took along with them.
Generation after generation, the survivors wait patiently while the planet recovers from the horrors inflicted on it by human civilization, hoping that Nature will give Man another chance to surface again and rediscover an Earth Reborn...
Unfortunately, it is as much in the nature of Man to conquer and destroy as it is to build, and this Earth Reborn may well suffer as chaotic and somber a fate as the one it endured at the hands of humanity 500 years earlier.

What The Press Says

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Featured Character:
Franck Einstein

Faction: Salemite
Type: Reconstructed Being
Age: around 500 years

Franck Einstein has been assembled over centuries from various body parts and organs extracted from deceased or, in some cases, live humans. His brain remains that of Franck Einz, a mechanic with an impressive body frame, who had died in 29 p.a.


What the Players Say

  • Discussion on TricTrac: "Sign me up!"  Discussion on TricTrac, following the presentation of Earth Reborn at the Paris fair "Monde du Jeu." (in French).English Google Translation
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    Posted Sep 17, 2010, 1:10 AM by Unknown user
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